Faculty of 1000

Post-publication peer review



I (rpg) represent Faculty of 1000, although everything on this blog is either my opinion or that of my fellow contributors, and is not to be taken internally as the opinion or official policy of any of Science Navigation Group‘s companies.

Comments policy

  1. I intend to deal with comments in a very ‘hands off’ manner. If you’ve taken the time to say something, then I should do you the honour of allowing you to say it
  2. First-time comments will be held for approval. Subsequent comments should be automatically approved, unless something has broken
  3. Comments will only be deleted in extreme cases and the author of such comments might be emailed with an explanation as to why this has occurred. Examples of extreme cases include personal abuse, foul language or possible defamatory material. If a person persists in posting inflammatory material they may be blocked from commenting. The decision to block a commenter is at the discretion of the blog owner — i.e., me
  4. I reserve the right to edit for embarrassing spelling mistakes, or language or media that I deem offensive. I will endeavour to let the commenter know of such instances
  5. Those commenting are encouraged to supply a real email address. This address will not be published (I promise!) but used only in cases such as those mentioned above. If a commenter is found to continually supply a false email address they may be placed in a moderation list that will force all comments they make through moderation before being published. Anonymity is discouraged, although pseudonymity is fine
  6. There is no rule 6
  7. All comments are associated with an originating IP address. We don’t do anything with this information, unless you’re being a complete scumbag
  8. Spam and commercial advertising will be dealt with without merce or ruth

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