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Think you knew librarians?

Posted by Callum Anderson on 15 April, 2010

Librarians can sometimes suffer unfairly from stereotypes. But footage like that below suggests there could be much more to your average librarian than might initially meet the eye.

I certainly wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of a late fine from any of these warrior librarians!

See how long you can stifle your giggles. And rest assured in the knowledge that the book-cart-drill-team contest will be held again this year at the ALA annual conference.

2 Responses to “Think you knew librarians?”

  1. rpg said

    Just when you think life can’t get any stranger, it suddenly turns into Valkyrie librarians.

  2. Bob O'H said

    It looks like they’re doing country dancing half the time. Rather odd, to say the least.

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