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Watching you watching us

Posted by rpg on 13 April, 2010

I was nosing around Google Analytics yesterday, seeing if our Faculty Daily section is attracting any interest to the F1000 main site. [Update: that’s the F1000 Biology site. Medicine is different, but not interestingly so.]

And I saw a very strange thing.

First, look at the browsers hitting http://f1000biology.com. Firefox has 3% more share than Internet Explorer, and Safari comes in third with 16%. Checking the operating systems, we see that nearly 70% of visits are some version of Windows, and 29% of you are using Macs. (This simply proves that F1000 users are more intelligent than the rest of the population, but we knew that anyway). Linux users don’t quite manage 2%, but look at that: fourth in the list is the iPhone, with 0.42%—not much, but more than all other mobile devices and ‘unknown’s combined (data not shown, but trust me. I’m a doctor).

So then I checked all mobile devices. No real surprises initially: the iPhone blows everyone away, and Android is in third place behind the iPod.

(There’s also some mildly interesting usability stats hiding in there: people using any of the Apple devices or Android phones are more likely to visit other pages and spend time on the site than the other users. I don’t know if this reflects a user mindset, ease of use of the device, or usability of the actual site on those platforms.)

But here’s the real funny thing. Some of you are already using the iPad, more, in fact, than use a Blackberry to access the site. (All data are taken from the period 21 March to 13 April; considering the iPad was only launched in the US a couple of weeks ago these data are even more impressive.)

You geeks, you.


5 Responses to “Watching you watching us”

  1. […] a Wi-Fi Festivus in Spring, that something similar had been noticed at a scientific website, the Faculty of 1000. For them, Android-based mobile devices come in ahead of iPads, but the latter are now at 5%. In […]

  2. Really interesting numbers wrt iPad. h/t David Crotty.

    The Boingo Wi-Fi service also noticed something similar, with 5.4% of their connections coming from iPads.

    Looks like Apple and Goggle may be the masters of the mobile Web and all others may have to admit defeat.

    • rpg said

      Hi Richard

      yes, that’s very interesting. There’s some really smart people driving these platforms, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  3. Eva said

    I’m surprised by the iPod pie slice. I always seem to be the ONLY person using an iPod Touch (which is the only iPod that can surf the web), but now I suspect there are other people out there who can’t afford an iPhone. Hello other people!

    • rpg said

      I see people with them on the Tube quite a bit (although obviously they’re not internetting down there.)

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