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On the run-26Feb10

Posted by rpg on 26 February, 2010

This week, I have mostly been in Philadelphia.

View of Philly

Philadelphia, sometime this week

That was to meet The Scientist team, and sit down with Sarah Greene and figure out exactly how we’re going to run this new beast. The bottom line is that F1000 will now be feeding into The Scientist much more directly, and my job suddenly got a whole lot more interesting (not to mention busy). I’m very much looking forward to it.

We’ve already made a start: our Facebook page is now displaying links from The Scientist (there’s a few glitches that I need to sort out, but it’s there) and I’ll be pitching in with The Scientist’s Twitter feed. And readers should soon notice changes in some of the regular features, as well as additional stuff in print and online. Keep checking back here for updates. Check back here to find out what we’re doing.

Now, I’m totally jet-lagged (the extra two hours on the tarmac waiting to be de-iced didn’t help matters) so I’m going to wish you all a splendid weekend, and I’ll be back Monday.

Dirty snow on the sidewalk

Much as it was a productive week and they’re a great bunch in Philly, I’m glad to be in London again.

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  1. rwintle said

    Looks like you dodged all kinds of bad weather. Did you take any more… um… picturesque photos of Philly while you were there? 😉

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