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Posted by rpg on 17 February, 2010

As you might know, Steve is leaving F1000 next month. I’m going to be ever more busy with The Scientist, and so that we can continue to entertain, amuse and inform on a reasonably frequent basis, I’ve recruited my very young apprentice onto the blog team.

Callum came to us from Cases Network last year and has been doing a lot of valuable donkey-work on our journal and institutions databases. He’s also been figuring out how to get our stuff into PubMed Central, which is why he’s a firm believer in the maxim XML is like violence: if it’s not solving all your problems, you’re not using enough of it. He will be writing about evaluations that catch his eye, and other newsworthy bits and pieces.

This is Callum’s first time blogging, so please make him feel welcome.


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