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Posted by rpg on 11 February, 2010

And… here’s the next batch of #sci140 entries, since 10.40 today. If you think yours should be on the list, then please let me know (with the twitter URL if possible).

Keep ’em coming…

  1. Twitterprofilephoto_normal
    djryan What do you mean ‘ethics committee’? Just deliver the shock please.” – Stanley Milgram
    21 minutes ago
  2. Img_5622_normal
    lifeaquatic Pterosaurs couldn’t fly with their bills in the water.
    about 1 hour ago
  3. Ruthie-arabelle_normal
    hufbauer Q: do introduced species evolve to be larger, more competitive? A: yes; bigger, better and faster. So easy! Why ever write more?
    about 2 hours ago
  4. Getimage_normal
    scimomof2 Predictive model built by MLR-genetic algor. from correlation b/n XPS & electrochem. activity 4 non-Pt electrocatalyst 4 fuel cells
    about 9 hours ago
  5. Default_profile_0_normal
    dange82 shaky shaky parahydrogen + catalyst makes NMR signals 1000 times bigger
    about 12 hours ago
  6. Nige_twitter_1_normal
    doctornige Rev Stone: I have an uncanny feeling that I will feel a lot better if I eat that willow tree over there.
    about 14 hours ago
  7. Boris_normal
    boris_gorelik E=mc^2 (Einstein)
    about 14 hours ago
  8. Boris_normal
    boris_gorelik DNA, AC-GT 2 helices (Watson, Crick, forget the girl) http://bit.ly/aX9eaQ
    about 14 hours ago
  9. Quatchi_normal
    enniscath Rang bell, fed dogs. Rang bell again, dogs drooled. NO FOOD FOR YOU! BAD DOG! (heh heh. Stoopid dogs). – Pavlov. http://tr.im/NEqq
    about 14 hours ago
  10. Img_1733_normal
    microecos There are lots of little animals swimming around in this stuff! p.s. I didn’t defile myself, just so you know (Leeuwenhoek 1677)
    about 16 hours ago
  11. Img_1733_normal
    microecos Those “tongues” are teeth (Steno 1667)
    about 17 hours ago
  12. Img_1733_normal
    microecos The bees go to the blue card, even when the sugar’s gone ∴ flowers are colorful (Frisch 1914/1915)
    about 17 hours ago
  13. Embryo_normal
    tomroudS Lorentz transfo. implies kinetic energy of a body diminishes after emission of a radiation, therefore mass is energy (Einstein1905b)
    about 17 hours ago
  14. Embryo_normal
    tomroudS c is independent from referential, therefore Lorentz beats Galileo (Einstein 1905a)
    about 17 hours ago
  15. Embryo_normal
    tomroudS Phil Anderson did much better than 140 characters with his famous paper self contained in the title : “More is different”
    about 17 hours ago
  16. Embryo_normal
    tomroudS Selected for bacterial resistance. Got non poissonian distrib. of mutants with huge variance, ergo mutations preexisted selection.
    about 17 hours ago
  17. Avatar_normal
    moreno web altera comunicação científica clássica. sugiro novas metodologias de validação qualitativa do conhecimento http://bit.ly/d6gV0p
    about 19 hours ago

    (Translation: Web changes traditional scientific communication. Suggest new methods of qualitative validation of knowledge)

  18. Rdx
    delahar Carrying variant P11S increases risk for autism, when it’s from mom. Oh no! Refrigerator mothers again! http://bit.ly/ddGxJJ
    about 20 hours ago
  19. Default_profile_4_normal
    erikacule WTCCC GWAS of 7 common diseases in 14K cases + 3K shared controls. Prior SNPs confirmed + new ones found. Yay for large data sets!
    about 21 hours ago
  20. Imagecrop_normal
    aemonten Say, Bernard, you messy kid, why did you leave your plates in the sterilizing oven?Wait, the spores germinated! http://bit.ly/cKo3n2
    about 21 hours ago
  21. Psalgado_normal
    pssalgado Stan, stop prying around mad cow brains!” “Did you say prion? That’s it, that’s what causes it!!!”
    about 21 hours ago
  22. 1_twitter_normal
    razZ0r If you fumigate maize kernels, they will feel stressed, and grow faster and larger.
    about 22 hours ago
  23. Cimg0617_normal
    cientounero PCR de sangre entera para diagnostico de bacteriemia por neumococo carece de sensibilidad y especificidadhttp://bit.ly/9tSmKG
    about 22 hours ago

    (Translation: Whole blood PCR for diagnosing pneumococcal bacteremia lacks sensitivity and specificity)

  24. Screen_shot_2009-11-12_at_1
    newprof1 I am sure it’s just the regular flu. Now get ready for an awesome 1918 new years party!
    about 22 hours ago
  25. Twitterprofilephoto_normal
    DizzyD242 , man, fire, farming, tools, buildings, books, from then on it was downhill for the planet
    about 23 hours ago
  26. Psalgado_normal
    pssalgado Archi, stop messing about with the earth!” “if I can just find the right lever, I’ll move it!”
    about 23 hours ago
  27. Mugshot_normal
    suthers Galileo makes a telescope and is astonished to see what his neighbours are getting up to.
    about 23 hours ago
  28. Psalgado_normal
    pssalgado Where are you, Heis? “Don’t know exactly, but I can tell you how fast I’m going!”
    about 23 hours ago
  29. Gonzo-reduced-cropsquare_normal
    silentypewriter Zapped pencil with laser. Saw 60-atom carbon clusters. Reckon they look like footballs. We dub this new substance soccerene! Maybe.
    about 23 hours ago
  30. Mugshot_normal
    suthers Isaac Newton observes a falling apple and discovers a great new recipe for pie.
    about 23 hours ago
  31. Audun_farbrot_bigger_normal
    Research_BI Feelings are necessary to make good decisions. However, the temperature must not become too high http://bit.ly/cA6V1V
    about 23 hours ago
  32. 22036_1265515529348_1573566005_30639806_3666669_s_normal
    choklitfiend Good grief Walter, *how* many eyes???
    about 24 hours ago
  33. Psalgado_normal
    pssalgado Anna, just put your hand there in that cardboard plate, dear. “Oh, my god, Roet, I have seen my death!”
    about 24 hours ago
  34. Colin_normal
    beautyscientist Hooke’s law. Ut tensio, sic vis, meaning, “As the extension, so the force” I think Hooke would have loved Twitter..
    about 24 hours ago
  35. Pict6053_normal
    ely_peddler Hey Benoît that’s a pretty picture
    about 24 hours ago
  36. Colin_normal
    beautyscientist Darwin – the more you use it, the bigger it gets.
    about 24 hours ago
  37. Psalgado_normal
    pssalgado Hey, Schrodinger, is your cat dead or alive? “- Both.” – Lets open the box and see, then
    about 24 hours ago
  38. Psalgado_normal
    pssalgado I put light through 2 parallel slits and see light-dark & discret pattern Having two minds about this
    about 24 hours ago
  39. Johnson_normal
    LouiseJJohnson The earth goes round the sun. But the stars must go round the earth or they’d have to be MILLIONS of miles away & that’s ridiculous
    about 24 hours ago
  40. Johnson_normal
    LouiseJJohnson This tree weighs more than the soil I grew it in. Trees must be made of water: they could hardly be made of air!
    1 day ago
  41. 22036_1265515529348_1573566005_30639806_3666669_s_normal
    choklitfiend Robert, if you keep playing with all that uranium, you’ll have someone’s eye out!
    1 day ago
  42. Dave_bradley_normal
    sciencebase Archi, you’ve just had a bath, get some clothes on before you catch your death of cold, are you dense, or what?
    1 day ago
  43. Dave_bradley_normal
    sciencebase Professor, these X-ray patterns are incredibly symmetrical, best not mention them to Jim and Francis
    1 day ago
  44. Wittyremarkhere_normal
    wittyremarkhere My grandparents weigh 14/15 what I do, and my parents 29/30. So I must be semi-conservatively replicated.
    1 day ago
  45. Dave_bradley_normal
    sciencebase Stanley, is this circuit really 450 Volts, those people look like they’re in real pain? Shut up and just push the lever
    1 day ago
  46. Ntnumedicine_normal
    NTNUmedicine Resting heart rate positively asocciated with risk of death from ischhaemic heart disease among women, physical activity reduce risk
    1 day ago
  47. Dave_bradley_normal
    sciencebase Fido, get down, you’re slobbering all over my good lab coat…it’s only the doorbell
    1 day ago
  48. Dave_bradley_normal
    sciencebase I’m sorry Alex, I forgot to put your Petri dishes away and now they’ve got all mouldy…hang on…
    1 day ago
  49. Wittyremarkhere_normal
    wittyremarkhere Measure and enhance protein stability in cells by linking folding to antibiotic resistance. Evolution of function limits stability.
    1 day ago

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