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Is it follow the leader, a heads-down mentality or something more obscure?

Posted by stevepog on 7 December, 2009

Reproduction of an artwork by Andrzej Krauze

Vitek Tracz, chairman of the Science Navigation Group (of which f1000 is a member), is a fan of compatriot Polish artist Andrzej Krauze, who is known for his humorous calendars and cartoons in the New York Times,  New Scientist and Sunday Telegraph.

Krauze amused our leader with this cartoon, which Vitek has had reproduced in the f1000 reception area for all to view as they enter.

Much speculation has already been thrown around about what it means: follow the leader, keep your head down, look beneath the surface, stick your head in the sand (bit obvious that one). The man in charge is keeping his view to himself. Any suggestions are welcome.


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