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Faraday’s forecast: F1000 is the future

Posted by stevepog on 11 November, 2009

Michael Faraday, the British chemist and physicist who discovered electromagnetic induction, may have completed his historic findings in the 19th century but he had the same problem as many modern researchers: too many academic papers, not enough time to read them all.

‘It is certainly impossible for any person … to read all the books and papers that are published in connection with his pursuit; their number is immense, and the labour of winnowing out the few … truths … is such that most persons who try .. are quickly induced to make a selection in their reading, and thus inadvertently, at times, pass by what is really good.’

Michael Faraday, 1826 (thanks to Yale library for reminding us of the quote)

Short of training spider monkeys to grab books from his library and turn to the right section relating to electricity, it’s no doubt Faraday would have gained much from a time-saving service such as ours. Though sometimes having actual monkeys (and not the web version) bring you things could be entertaining too. If I had hit the jackpot on Euromillions, that would be on my top 20 list.


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