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Nothing could be finer than to be in North Carolina…

Posted by stevepog on 2 November, 2009

Richard has previously mentioned some of the conferences he attends and speaks at to spread the word about F1000. One of the upcoming events on the calendar that we’re excited about is ScienceOnline2010.

If you were one of the 226 people who signed up before registration closed, there’s an amazing program now up on the website and and some great-looking workshops. It’s a shame the organisers couldn’t fit more people into the attendance list: a cross-section of the speakers includes a who’s who of Twittering scientists and some online pioneers .

On a different note, anyone who has looked at our Youtube channel lately will have noticed the abundance of videos from the Society for Neuroscience and also the varying quality of the more recently added films. Adobe Premiere Pro was working fine for our video editing guru but then decided to churn out video formats that Youtube can’t handle and switching to the less favourable 3gp format was the only option for a few of the clips.

So if you watch Svenja Caspars’ discussion of her research into the “connectivity pattern of the human inferior parietal lobule by means of diffusion tensor imaging” on anything bigger than an iPhone screen, the quality will be disappointing. We’re working on this and hope to have formatting issues sorted for when Richard and Tom return next week with fresh footage in hand from the 29th Annual Charleston Conference in South Carolina. See, the Carolinas gets two visits from us in three months!

*Just because we like you, here’s a sneak preview of a F1000 Medicine Report on a new, less-invasive technique for abdominal surgery:

Michael Shaefer’s report on NOTES


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