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A great beard maketh the scientist

Posted by stevepog on 27 October, 2009

There was a discussion at a recent Skeptics in the Pub night in London about the old stereotype of scientists being crazy old men with beards. While one of our interviewees was not particularly old or crazy, he ticked the third box very nicely. It’s no longer a stereotype worth sticking to, given the vast number of young women scientists on the scene (shout out to our new friends Darlene Cavalier and Joanne Manaster) but when it comes along, I feel the need to exploit it.

Thomas Jefferson University’s Michael Oshinsky also had a great topic to back up his hirsute appearance, have a look:


4 Responses to “A great beard maketh the scientist”

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  2. […] is not the first time we’ve discussed hirsute scientists and our friend Joanne Manaster has a similar penchant (purely scientific) for bearded biologists. […]

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