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Posted by stevepog on 26 October, 2009

We had a nice mention on the BBC News website today, in a great article by Jason Palmer on science and Web 2.0 and the various methods researchers are using to meet each other, look for relevant information and maybe also meet potential partners (I doubt labs would ban match.com, would they?)

Here’s the relevant excerpt:

“The manner in which you become ‘literature aware’ can be slow and is limited in scope to the views and criticisms of your physically immediate peers,” said Ali Salehi-Reyhani, a PhD student in molecular imaging at Imperial College London.

“Web 2.0 throws that open to a global community of experts with tools like f1000 and Twitter.”

F1000 is a tool that highlights high impact papers and allows scientists to subject them to post-publication peer review.

“The viral nature of Twitter allows information to be rapidly and critically spread to an audience thousands to millions wide,” said Mr Salehi-Reyhani. “Tweeting scientists can exploit this to quickly pass on that hot new paper to their peers with minimal effort yet maximum effect.”


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