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I see red

Posted by rpg on 8 October, 2009

There was some serious geeking-out going on in the office just now—at least, in the part where the dev team and myself interact. IT have been wandering around the joint with little white boxes that have aerials sticking out of them, and then Phil came over and asked for my MAC.

A little while later I turned on my iPhone’s wireless connection and entered the URL of our development server, and this is what I saw:

new f1000.com site

new f1000.com site

And that, ladles and gentlespoons, is why I’m at f1000. For the past six months I’ve been managing and organizing a rebuild of the user site. This is a preview of the revamped website, which we aim to launch to you lucky boys and girls in early December. Just in time for Christmas.

Rather happily, even though it’s not specifically designed for mobile browsers (the screen capture above is our development server on my iPhone: it’s not using mobile stylesheets) the new site looks (and works!) pretty nicely. Richard P has been showing it off on his ITC HTC Hero, too (none of the dev team would be seen dead with a Blackberry, natch).

Of course, I could have just showed you a preview in Safari or Firefox from my desktop, but that wouldn’t have been half so cool.

Huzzahs all round.


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  1. Correction – HTC Hero, and a mighty good phone it is!

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