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Posted by rpg on 2 October, 2009

I’ve been at f1000 for six months now, and this is the third desk I’ve had. Just to keep me on my toes I’m due to move again.

This is because our operational side is expanding and they need more seats. As one of our sister companies recently got absorbed by the 600 lb gorilla of open access, BioMed Central, Steve and me get to move to the salubrious north side of the building. It’s further from the kitchen and nearer the fire escape.

We had hoped to move earlier this week, but it’s Friday already, and things have been put on hold. This is a bit of a downer because I’ve been given my very own young apprentice, who is currently stuck in a galaxy far, far away an otherwise deserted office somewhere near Wozzon. And he was supposed to sit near to me so I can keep an eye on him, get him to fetch tea, etc.

Thing is, part of the re-seating plan involves the S&M, um, Sales and Marketing team moving to the same area. But currently, Web of Stories is based over that way too.

What’s the problem? you might well ask.

Well, editing videos for WoS involves listening to stuff. And Sales and Marketing are, apparently, too damned noisy.


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