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Posted by stevepog on 8 September, 2009

As mentioned, I’m the new PR Manager at f1000 and will working on some exciting promotions for the website and the company in general. To give some background, I shifted over from Australia last August and did a short stint in the wilds of local council in Dagenham before a much more interesting senior press officer job at the Medical Research Council.

My  PR history is relatively short, just under three years, owing to finding it difficult to leave my previous  career in journalism (eight years across general news and sports writing in Victoria and the Northern Territory). I occasionally miss the buzz of putting newspapers together but also love the medical research/publishing PR caper as well.

@biggerpills tweeted that PR people should shout, not whisper, which I’m in agreement with when the story warrants. PR often gets a bad rap from those who relate it solely to political spin doctoring or the stereotypical movie/music celebrity publicity reps. Like good journalists, good PROs know the stories that need to be told and do their best to get the message out there. And when it relates to news on medical advances that could save lives, the story seems well worth telling.

Feel free to get in touch if you want more news on f1000, I’m at steve dot pogonowski at f1000 dot com. I’ll be filtering any messages with keywords such as ‘Ashes victory’ straight to junk mailbox (sorry, still in denial).



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