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Posted by rpg on 7 August, 2009

You might have noticed that I’ve been tweeting random recent evaluations. I do this a couple of times a day (well, that’s the plan, at least), simply highlighting stuff that I find interesting, without having the time to write a proper post about the original articles. (This, by the way, is what I find to be one of the greatest things about Twitter. And with CoTweet I can go through my archive if ever I want to follow up on something that caught my attention.)

I try to mix stuff from the medicine and the biology sites, and squeeze in a little comment or teaser (plus a link to the paper itself or abstract on PubMed). I aim for evaluations of articles in ‘obscure’ journals, and recently-published work.

The Lovén reflex is “a reaction in which a local dilation of vessels accompanies a general vasoconstriction, e.g. when the central end of an afferent nerve to an organ is suitably stimulated, its efferent vasomotor fibers remaining intact, a general rise in blood pressure occurs together with a dilation of the vessels of the organ”

Just now, I saw something that I simply cannot do justice to in a tweet. It’s not a new paper—in fact it’s possibly the oldest paper on the site—but it is in a very obscure (to me) journal.

The paper, of which the English translation of the title is

On the vasodilation of arteries as a consequence of nerve stimulation

is written by one Christian Lovén, who died in 1904. It describes vasodilation and vasoconstriction in rabbits as a consequence of nervous stimulation. Faculty Member Wilfrid Jänig, at the Institute of Physiology, Kiel, selected the paper—143 years after it was published.

And that’s interesting because I’ve been re-writing the About pages for the website, and one of the things I was looking at this morning was how long it takes us to publish evaluations, compared with the original article publication dates (according to Hoyle PubMed). I’m going to talk about that a little next week, but I’d just like to say now that a datum at 52 thousand days really skews my stats.

ResearchBlogging.org Lovén C (1866). [On the vasodilation of arteries as a consequence of nerve stimulation.] Ber Verh Königl-Sächs Ges Wiss: Math-Phys Classe, 18, 85-110


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