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Who are you?

Posted by rpg on 28 July, 2009

Who are we?

We’re the Faculty of 1000. We specialize in post-publication peer review. What this means is that we publish brief summaries of what our Faculty think are interesting, exciting, or otherwise noteworthy published articles in the biomedical literature. That’s the ‘post-publication’ and ‘review’ bits.

The Faculty consists of about 5,000 senior scientists and clinicians around the world. They are respected and authoritative within their specialties and disciplines. That’s the ‘peer’ bit. They are assisted by ‘Associate’ Faculty; less senior people (say, experienced post-docs) within the Faculty Member’s group. Associate Faculty are crucial to our scanning project, which I should talk about in a future blog entry.

I am F1000’s ‘Information Architect’. Essentially, I run the web-side service of F1000. Until March 2009 I was an active research scientist, and you can find some (out-dated, whoops) information about me on my personal website, and follow some random bloggy goodness at Nature Network.

Feel free to email me—richard.grant at f1000.com—or leave a comment here, if you have any feedback. I promise to read it, even if I can’t respond immediately. You can also find us on Twitter (@f1000).

Currently I’m the only one writing here and on Twitter, but I’m hoping to get more of the team on board soon.


Look, we all know it’s a jungle out here. I’d love to read your comments here, and see you following us on Twitter. But we need to keep the spammers at bay, so when you comment, if it’s your first time you’ll go into the approval queue. Subsequently, if you are legit, your comments should appear straightaway. Sorry about the inconvenience.

I recommend you read our Policy document too, especially with regard to commenting. Nothing too unusual in there, but it keeps the lawyers happy. It’s likely to develop a little as time goes on. If you’re unsure about anything, please ask here.

See you around…


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